Pre/Post Natal Pilates

In Pregnancy by Larissa Mills

Pilates can be done, and is beneficial to do while you are pregnant and even after giving birth.

Benefits of Prenatal Pilates

Exercise plays an important role in the health and well being for pregnant women and the unborn baby. Women who exercise during pregnancy have experienced minimal weight gain, increased stamina for labour and delivery, improved mood and sleep patterns, as well as more rapid postpartum weight loss. Prenatal Pilates will focus on building core strength, decompression of the spine and joints, circulation, proper alignment, and breathing.

“Pilates purpose is to get you to move to burn baby fat … and to tone labour-challenged abs.”
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Participants will experience a deeper body awareness teaching them to be mindful of their bodies and to embrace the changes they are going through.

The Pilates mat exercises are designed to address the physiological changes of pregnancy specifically in: posture, flexibility, and balance.

Benefits of Postpartum Pilates

After just giving birth, the last item on your mind is working out. You are barely sleeping and feel awful about the way you look. Pilates is fast becoming the exercise of choice for pregnant or postpartum women. The benefits alone for your body are worth it. As some pilates moves are not recommended for pregnant women, be sure to join a prenatal pilates class.

At, I focus on the postpartum woman by incorporating pilates with personal training and yoga in my classes. Within a few classes, you will notice a difference. After having a baby myself, it took 8 weeks to start to feel and activate my core abdominals again. I lost 25 pounds in six months and went from a size 16 postpartum to an 8 in one year. It took time, a proper diet and cardio to lose 50 lbs. It can be done!

Recommendation of workouts: it is more effective to start with a mat class and work your way up to a reformer class. Be sure you have permission to do pilates from your practitioner.


  • Emphasizes the tightening of the pelvic floor muscles and stabilizes the core
  • Tones your abdominals back to their original form or better
  • Increases the blood flow to the uterus and therefore works the muscle by tightening it.
  • Relieves tension and relaxes you
  • Relieves low back pain from carrying weight and baby
  • Relieves neck pain for nursing mommies
  • Improves alignment and posture which may have changed in pregnancy