“The training I received from Larissa was very detailed and through, from learning the Pilates moves and how to cue to clients properly to learning about different injuries and conditions and how to modify in a class. I enjoyed coming to the training sessions and being able to participate in any of the mat classes so I could see all levels of the fusion Pilates. I was also taught how to effectively design a class with flow and creativity, Larissa helped with ideas for classes as well was always open to new ideas that any of the trainers put out. I was certified in both Mat and Reformer Fusion Pilates with Larissa and would recommend this certification to others.”Krista Dolbear
Larissa Mills is a very competent and knowledgeable instructor. She has a gift when it comes to explaining the intricacies of pilates to the novice and experienced practitioner alike. She has devoted a great deal of time and education to the study of pilates and fusion pilates incorporates the best of many styles. This is particularly evident in the flow of her classes as everything fits together and evolves naturally. Energy is channeled into deliberate moves, and not waste in shifting body positions arbitrarily, common in other styles of pilates.

Whether the student is a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Larissa can challenge her. Larissa is very personable and she can answer questions in an easy to understand manner. There is quick camaraderie in her classes and everyone feels welcome. Everyone has fun! Even more important, many pilates enthusiasts are excited to see results in a very short time.
When classes are fun, challenging and results are quick, it is no wonder her classes are popular!!Anonymous

It has helped my back and neck pain dramatically in just 6 months.Female, 30
Has improved my posture incredibly and strengthened my lower back. It has also improved my flexibility and sculpted my waist.
Lisa Cleary, 29, Assistant Branch Manager
I enjoy the Pilates class. It is relaxed but gives a solid, comfortable workout. I feel like every part of my body is working hard, and the next day I’m very aware of the muscles that were used, but not in a painful way. The individual attention that Larissa gives ensures that I am doing the movements correctly. I wouldn’t try this on my own, but I’m certainly enjoying the results. I feel stronger, more solid and have lost inches from my waist in only 1 month.
I highly recommend the class.Sandy Wilson, 40, Consultant
Pilates classes energize me. The exercises really strengthen your core area but in a gentle way (no harsh moves) and that core strength helps keep good posture for me when I’m sitting, standing, walking and dancing.
My flexibility is also improving from the stretches. Pilates provides mental stimulation as well as the physical aspects and it’s fun to do. For me, pilates is a great way to tone up and I would recommend it to anyone to give it a try — you might even get hooked on it like I did. It’s a great workout and I love it! Pilates has improved and helped heal an old shoulder injury. It is amazing! All of my joints feel better.Anonymous
Pilates has improved and helped heal an old shoulder injury. It is amazing! All of my joints feel better.Kara Kennedy
“I am in much better shape now. I feel stronger and despite a bad back, I am able to get a good aerobic workout and fell stronger at the same time. Larissa is both very knowledgable and inspiring as a teacher”.
[Prior Injury: Bad Back:]Female, Occupation: Broadcaster
I have noticed a big difference in my overall health since I began pilates training with Larissa Mills. I now find it much more comfortable and natural to maintain proper posture, whether sitting or standing. I no longer slouch! I have also noticed increased definition in my arms and increased strength in my abdominal muscles. Stronger abs have improved my stamina and performance in running. Larissa provides excellent one-on-one attention even within the group class setting. I recommend her services without hesitation.Maggie Savage, 30, Teacher, Lower back pain
I knew very little about Pilates before I was introduced to Larissa and after even one session I realized that it was going to be perfect method for the kind of strength training and muscle development I was after. I feel that since I began pilates I am more in tune with my body and can feel connections in my muscles. In the past, I had spent most of my time weight training in the gym but with little results. My muscles were bulky and it was difficult to isolate the key areas that I wanted to concentrate on.

After learing the basics from Larissa this past summer I graduated to a more advanced level where Kristy has been able to challenge me further. Pilates has helped to shape my legs, back and abdomen leaving me feeling confident and stronger. Since the class sizes are small I really feel that both Larissa and Kristy give special attention to my form, making sure that I achieve the most out of the movements. The results are noticable to my friends and family, but what has really refomed is my attitude towards working out – the PIlateez studio is a place where I can go to relax and feel better about myself and that translates into all other areas of my life. Jennifer Melles